'What you need?'


'Nobody wants to hire you, huh.' Any good at anything? Reliable? Hook yourself up as a freelancer. If you turn out to be an asset, you'll get called on when stuff needs done. Real simple.

+Freelance with big dango


'When and where?' Muscle, yell-men, window cleaners, whatever. Want bodyguards, security at your wedding, or people to just follow you around and tell you you're pretty? Maybe it's messy work and you've got clean hands. Got money, things'll get done. Take a card.

+hire Big dango and freelancers


'I'm talkin' fulltime.' Regular paycheques, meals, a place to sleep. Know what a salute looks like? If you're looking for comrades and some kind of purpose, you're in the right spot. Think about it.

+Join Big Dango


Pay or shirk the shark. In a bind and need quick cash? Want to introduce a little conflict into your milquetoast routine? Need someone to track you down in public places, or want to make your friends worry about you and the tousled state of your face? Ever needed to disappear in a back alley, never to be heard from again?

  • Fake gil.

  • Gil with a capital G if we like each other.

+Loans can be given&paid for RP purposes
+loans can fall into arrears for trouble
+Services can be terminated at any time

+Something else

'Talk, talk.'

Shy guy? Say 'Shark Bait' within earshot and G will wander over to pull you aside for a chat.